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The Organization

Missions Education Fund is fully administered by volunteers of the New Covenant Pentecost Church in Canada and the New Testament Church in the US under the guidance of the local Ministers.

Your donation is allocated as follows: Your commitment of $250 annually covers one student’s educational expenses such as their school fees, school supplies, uniform, transportation and at times, lunch money. We will accommodate everyone’s desire to help children even if you are unable to commit to the full amount. In this case, we will pool donations with other sponsors like yourself to meet a child’s educational needs by sending a child to school or fund other supplemental initiatives such as providing eyeglasses, hearing aids, special transportation services for the physically disabled or vocational training.

We also fund College or University students by providing a maximum of $500 annually or more depending on the child’s circumstances.

There are no administrative fees deducted from your donations. 90% of the funds collected are directly used by the children for their educational needs. The remaining 10% is used solely for the banking fees, postage, printing and publication needs associated with the program.

Tax-deductible receipts will be provided for US & Canadian donations only and for other countries upon request.

All personal information gathered by our organization is kept in strict confidence

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